—About Talon

Talon is an American company dedicated to providing high quality composite products to a demanding market.  All our products are made at our plant in Woodland, Washington USA.

Over the years unique fishing applications and a diverse fishery have put increased demands on rod design.  As our fisheries have become more difficult new fishing methods have evolved.  You continually request new actions to respond to these new methods, each more sensitive and dependable than the last.  We have responded to these requests designing new actions - adhering to one basic principle - material alone does not make a good rod. 

Material must be balanced with design to maximize the rod's performance.  Talon achieves this performance in its rods through balanced rod technology.  What this means for you is increased sensitivity, durability and dependability.  We use a number of different graphites in our products but do not rely solely on the material for the rods performance.  We offer a number of different series in our rods.  Whatever level of fishing performance your activity demands, Talon has a rod series designed for you. 

As well as providing a huge selection of available graphite fishing rods and blanks, we are here to help you. If you have special needs, we invite you to contact us to find out how we can design a blank exactly suited for your fishing situations.

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