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TX4 Travel Series Fly Rods

We, at Talon, are proud to announce our new “TX4” series developed for the modern fly fisher looking for a longer travel rod (all models are 4 pc.) in a single hand configuration. We wanted to design a rod that was lightweight (under 5 oz.) and sensitive yet durable enough to land big fish with confidence every time on the water! We accomplished this by using a specific design with a blend of cutting edge materials.

Basically, the top section is built with material to maximize the responsiveness of the rod and the lower section is designed using material that allowed for quickness and durability. The end result is a very sensitive, moderately fast action fly rod at an affordable price. We do NOT believe that material makes a rod good or bad – it just allows the designer to achieve different performance levels. In our case it was a specific action for a specific fishery that we were trying to fill and succeeded!

So, if the road you travel takes you on a journey for Great Lakes steelhead, trophy brown trout or maybe golden bonefish tailing on the flats, we have the rod for you! Test drive a “TX4” today - you won’t be disappointed!

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